Api Activation Instructions for different crypto exchanges


LOST KEY = LOST LICENCE, you will need to buy new licence!

BTC-e API Activation
– Go to https://btc-e.com/profile#api_keys
– Check INFO e TRADE permission
– SAVE your PRIVATE KEY, because BTC-E will mask it when you’ll reload the page

Poloniex API Activation
– Go to https://poloniex.com/apiKeys
– Don’t Activate (for your security if someone stole your Private Key) Can Withdraw Option
– Add your IP address in the approved list for API keys (not mandatory)

Bittrex API Activation
– Go to https://bittrex.com/Manage#sectionApi
– Activate 2FA (Mandatory for security reason)
– Add new Key with Read Info/Trade Limit/Trade Market  checked
– SAVE your PRIVATE KEY, because Bittrex will mask it

Binance API Activation
Goto : https://www.binance.com/userCenter/myAccount.html
Activate 2FA (Save 2FA Seed in case you will change your phone/Auth application)
Goto : https://www.binance.com/userCenter/createApi.html and Create API
API Configuration : Check READ INFO/TRADE Uncheck : Enable Withdrawalss

HitBTC API Activation
– Go to https://hitbtc.com/settings -> Your API keys
– Create your Api Keys this way : Set STATUS ON + Activate Order book, History, Trading balance & Place/cancel orders & Payment information

BitStamp API Activation
– Go to https://www.bitstamp.net/account/security/api/ -> New Api Key
– Check 6 API Option : Account balance + User transactions + Open orders + Cancel order + Buy limit order + Sell limit order
– SAVE your PRIVATE KEY, because BitStamp will mask it after 5 minutes

Bitfinex API Activation
– Go to https://www.bitfinex.com/account/api and create an API with READ checked for ALL Operation AND READ/WRITE for ORDERS Operation.
– Go to https://www.bitfinex.com/account Set “Fees -> Fee type for Exchange orders =  Currency exchange fee” and “Account Type =  exchange”
– SAVE your KEY, because Bitfinex will mask it after a page refresh

Vaultoro API Activation
– Go to https://trade.vaultoro.com/settings
– Set CurrencySettings = USD
– Click Api Settings, Decheck “Allow bitcoin withdrawals for this key” and “Generate New Key”

The Rock Trading API Activation
– From Main Page -> My Personal Data -> APIKEYS (Check The ItemList on the Left Side) -> NEW API KEY
– Check “TRADE” option + Status = ENABLED -> Create Api Key
– Press the Public Api Address and Save your Private Apy key. Site will never show that key again.

YoBit API Activation
– Go to https://yobit.net/en/api/keys/
– Select “info & trade & deposits” from the ComboBox then press CREATE NEW KEY BUTTON
– Save your Private Apy key. Site will never show that key again.

C-CEX API Activation
– Go to https://c-cex.com/?id=profile -> Trading API TAB
– Press CREATE NEW API KEY Button and select these options : orderlist,getbalance,makeorder,cancelorder,tradehistory
– Your Keys will be sent to your E-Mail address

CEX.IO API Activation
– First ACTIVATE 2FA on your Account and don’t forget to save the SEED Generator.
– Goto https://cex.io/trade/profile#/api
– Check Permissions : Account balance/Open orders/Place order/Cancel order
– Press GENERATE KEY, Press ACTIVATE and insert the 2FA Code
– Save your Private Apy key. Site will never show that key again.

Cryptopia API Activation
– Check ENABLE API then press NEW KEY then click  SAVE CHANGES

OKCoin (com/cn) API Activation
– Verify your Account to TIER1
– Activate 2FA (For Example Google Auth.)
– Go to https://www.okcoin.com/user/api.do (or https://www.okcoin.cn/user/api.do) and Create your API Key with TRADE Permission.

Kraken API Activation
– Verify your Account at least at TIER 1
– Don’t Activate 2FA
– Go to Profile -> Settings -> API Page
– Check Permission :  Query Funds + ALL Orders & Trades Permissions
– Other Attributes Must be set to OFF (Default)

Livecoin API Activation
– Go to https://www.livecoin.net/api
– Receive a Mail Confirmation
– SAVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY Because it will be displayed only ONCE

Consecure API Activation
– Go to  https://coinsecure.in/api
– Select a “allActions” Api Key
– Send me the First 25 Bytes of the Key

TuxExchange API Activation
– GOTO https://tuxexchange.com/settings -> Api
– don’t press GENERATE NEW KEY PAIR or you will lost your key

Liqui API Activation
– GOTO https://liqui.io/Profile
– Press “Create Api Key”
– Set “Perms Attributes” INFO/TRADE
– Save your Private Key, Exchange will hide the key in 3 hours

Stocks API Activation
– GOTO https://stocks.exchange/profile -> API KEY And Generate new API

Wex API Activation
– Go to https://wex.nz/profile#api_keys
– Check INFO e TRADE permission
– SAVE your PRIVATE KEY, because BTC-E will mask it when you’ll reload the page

As you see nothing difficult! The only thing you need is attention while copy paste and the rule #1

Rule#1:Always remember to write down immediately in several places your full api set – private and secret key! You can share only public key – it is safe


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