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High frequency triangular arbitrage trading bot for OKEX. It is designed to be as lightweight and fast as possible so you won't miss an arbitrage opportunity.

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What is ARBI?
Arbi is high frequency triangular arbitrage trading bot for OKEX.

It is designed to be as lightweight and fast as possible so you won’t miss an arbitrage opportunity.
You can control the bot from your browser.You can do all those tasks with just a few mouse clicks: start/stop the bot, change config/user acess, inspect bot’s activity/trend monitor/profit monitor/bank monitor.
The Web UI has a responsive design and will look good on all devices, so you can check/control the bot from your phone or tablet without any issues.

What is Triangular Arbitrage ?
Placing transactions in three crypto currencies to exploit a market inefficiency for a theoretical risk free trade is called Triangular Arbitrage .

BTC/XMR@0.02235274 -> XMR/BLK@0.00227243 -> BTC/BLK@0.00005134 -> Profit % 0.8219
Total time for all trades: ~2 seconds.See the screenshots bellow for example of executed trades.

How fast is ARBI ?
ARBI gets the data from websocket feed. The prices are updated in real-time.
Prices are updated few times per second.ARBI can generate new nonce every 2ms and it can make theoretically up to 500 trades per second*.
ARBI follow many different pair combinations each on its own thread so you can’t miss an arbitrage opportunity.
*Each exchange has different api calls limit.

New Version comes with nifty WEB GUI and configurator – No more text configs!




Arbi crypto trading ot

OKEx crypto trading bot

Supported Operating Systems:
ARBI works both on Windows and Linux.
For Windows you need .NET Framework v4.6.2.
For Linux you need mono-devel package.
Tested on: Windows 7 , Windows Server 2016 , Ubuntu 16.0.4.
CPU must be x86/x86_64 architecture

All future updates are included in the price.

How to use:
There is api-Poloniex.txt and secret-Poloniex.txt where you need to put your api key and secret that you will receive from Poloniex.
There is api-Okex.txt and secret-Okex.txt where you need to put your api key and secret that you will receive from OKEx.
In Bank Monitor, ARBI stores the amount and price from unfilled orders and their average price.Stored amounts can be sold for base or used in future arbitrage (if profitable).
Configuration files:
config-Global.json – Global config.
config-Poloniex.json – Poloniex config.
config-Okex.json – OKEx config.
You can edit the configs from the web ui.
ARBI is a console app and does not need a GUI to run, so it can be used on almost every computer.It is working great on vps with 2 cpu cores and 1024 mb ram.When you enter your api and secret you are ready to start the bot.

WARNING:Its recommended to disable withdraw access to the api key that you will use.

Supported Exchanges:

  • Poloniex
  • Poloniex Pairs: 41
  • Poloniex Triangulation Combos: 20
  • Poloniex Base Currency: BTC
  • OKEx
  • OKEx Pairs: 496
  • OKEx Triangulation Combos: 792
  • OKEX Base Currency: BTC/ETH/USDT

Program output (Profit Monitor) 

Console view:


                     ACCEPTED VALUE
Pair1_Price                      0-9
Pair2_Price                      0-9
Pair3_Price                      0-9
Pair1_Volume_Multiplier   0-255
Pair2_Volume_Multiplier   0-255
Pair3_Volume_Multiplier   0-255
With PairX_Price you select which price from the ordebook you are going to use.
0 – lowest value
9 – highest value
For pairs where you buy your best price is lowest – 0.
For pairs where  you sell your best price is highest – 9.
Pair1 and Pair2 buys, Pair3 sells.
With PairX_Volume_Multiplier you select how much volume must be available on
your chosen price.
Example: Volume available: 5 | PairX_Volume_Multiplier = 5
Arbitrage triggered if available volume is higher than
Your_Balance_Per_Trade * PairX_Volume_Multiplier

OPTION                          ACCEPTED VALUE

DynamicStartBalance       Boolean(true/false)

DynamicStartBalance set to false:
When DSB is set to false the bot will look only for arbitrages that matches your BalancePerTrade value.
If the is arbitrage occurrence is for smaller amount than your BalancePerTrade  it will be ignored.
DynamicStartBalance set to true:
When DSB is set to true the bot will treat your BalancePerTrade value as max balance per trade.
If there is arbitrage occurence for any amount smaller than your BalancePerTrade trades will be executed.

How is the BalancePerTrade per trade calculated if DSB is set to true ?
Without DSB activated the bot checks if the available volume is > than BalancePerTrade * PairX_Volume_Multiplier.
If DSB is set to true the bot calculates the balance per trade like that: BalancePerTrade = Available volume / PairX_Volume_Multiplier

The Trend Monitor currently has 4 modes.You can choose separate mode per each pair (Pair1, Pair2, Pair3).Also you can choose candle size and period that will be analyzed.
For example:
Candle Size: 5M Period: 12 , will analyze the last hour based on 5 minute candles.
Candle Size: 24H Period: 12 , will analyze the last 12 days based on 24 hours candles.

If we enable the Trend Monitor on Pair 1 which is always BTC/XMR or BTC/ETH and some of those two pairs are going down while there is arbitrage occurrence the bot will skip it to avoid collecting ETH or XMR in the BANK, if there is some unfilled orders.
For Pair 2: I think that here the Trend Monitor can be left disabled, because we dont hold funds here for long time.
If we enable the Trend Monitor on Pair3 which is BTC/xxx and that pair going down while there is arbitrage occurrence the bot will skip it to avoid collecting Open Sell Orders.

Trend Monitor Modes:
Mode 0 :Disabled.
Mode 1 :In Mode 1 the bot checks only if Percent Change for the selected period is positive.
Mode 2 :In Mode 2 the bot checks if Percent Change for the selected period is positive and if Close/Open Average Delta is is positive.Both indicators must be positive.
Mode 3 :In Mode 3 the bot checks if Percent Change for the selected period is positive, if Close/Open Average Delta is is positive and if Close/Open Positive Deltas are more than Negative ones for the selected period.Both indicators must be possitive.

OPTION                                ACCEPTED VALUE
Pair1_Trend_Mode                 0-3
Pair2_Trend_Mode                 0-3
Pair3_Trend_Mode                 0-3
Trend_Monitor_Candle_Size   5M, 15M, 30M, 2H, 4H, 24H
Trend_Monitor_Periods          1-as much as you need

OPTION                          ACCEPTED VALUE
Ticker_Check_Interval      0-4,294,967,295
Ticker Check Interval sets the delay between each ETH/XMR price checks. (Only ETH/XMR banks are sold based on this setting.)
Interval is in milliseconds.Default value is 45000 (45 seconds).



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